In the Acceleration event, the car is evaluated for its accelerating abilities over a 75 meters distance.


The objective of the Autocross event is to test the dynamic ability of the car within a sprint. During this event, the car’s braking and cornering skills as well as handling qualities are tested and analyzed.

Skid Pad

The purpose of the Skip Pad event is to measure how much lateral acceleration the car can output.


During a 22 kilometers long track, two drivers race until the midpoint in which they are required to switch off and begin again without refueling assistance. Here, a car’s enduring and lasting ability is evaluated for points.


Fuel consumption is analyzed during the endurance event to determine the correlation between speed and the efficient usage of fuel.

Points   Breakdown

Total   Points   =   1000

Dynamic Events

Skid Pad (75 points)

Acceleration (100 points)

Autocross (125 points)

Fuel Efficiency (100 points)

Endurance (275 points)

Static Events

Business Presentation (75 points)

Cost Analysis (100 points)

Engineering Design (150 points)