General Interest Meeting | September 8 - 10 | 8:30 - 9:30 PM
Location: Rutgers Formula Racing Shop
Joining the team is super easy! The entire team operates on slack, which is where you can get updates on meetings and talk to all the leads. Members are welcome to join at any point during the year!

Join the slack here: rutgerssae.slack.com


Do I need any experience to join the team?
No​ experience is required to join the team, and it doesn't matter what major you are! Leads will teach you everything you need to know.
Am I limited to what subteam I can join?
We encourage new members to spend their first few months participating in all the subteams and doing hands-on work with each one to get a feel for what you like. Beyond that, you can be on as little or as many subteams as you would like.
Where do you guys run the car?
Testing in the beginning stages usually occurs in an open Rutgers parking lot, with bigger official drive days usually occurring at our sponsor's location, Princeton Airport.
When can I use the machines/do composites work?
This is a new-member requirement! This is one of the first things we’ll teach you. Though as a general rule of thumb members can't use the shop for personal projects, but after our training you'll be able to make important parts for the car!
What is the time commitment?
Leads are generally at the shop every day after 5 pm, with many of our dedicated members spend 5 - 7 days a week working on the car. However, you're free to come to the shop as often as you like!
Do you guys race and where?
Each year we compete in 3 international competitions against upwards of 120+ teams. The competitions are held in Canada, California, and Michigan International Speedway.
What makes you Rutgers #1 engineering team?
For 30+ years we've been consistently running up the ranks to become a top contender on an international stage. In 2021 we achieved our best results achieving 10th in Business, 11th in Design, and 15th Overall at FSAE Michigan.
Does everyone go to the competition?
Due to space limitations, leads and e-board evaluate members' commitment throughout the year culminating in generally a 35 person competition team.
What other events are there?
Throughout the year we have lots of cool events such as local exhibitions with other universities, cars & coffee events, free access to concerts like GovBall and we even have our own booth at the Philly Auto Show and New York International Auto Show.
Can anyone drive the car?
Members get a chance behind the wheel after a full year of being on the team. This generally happens after the competition season. During these driving events, team members evaluate members handling capabilities to determine who will drive at comp the following year.
When can I become a lead?
Elections are held in May each year and are open to everyone with a majority public vote!
Need more convincing to join?
  • ​​​#1 ranked engineering team at Rutgers
  • ​​​​Consistently top-ranked in international competitions
  • 30+ Years of relationship with our sponsors means hiring pools ONLY for RFR members
  • Attend exclusive sponsor events at company headquarters
  • Don't feel like traveling to company headquarters? Don't worry companies come to us to present their yearly internship programs. Meet with the people reviewing your apps and taking your interviews!
  • We have our own booth at the New York International Auto Show
  • Access to Industry leading software 
  • Brand new $5 Million+ workspace being built